Ultra Music Festival makes its European debut!


A girl’s gotta have some hobbies and mine happen to lean in the EDM direction when it comes to PR. Here is the latest PR written for FOEM and the Ultra Music Festival announcing the debut of UMF Poland this summer. Inside word is that tickets are going to sell like wildfire so if you {…Read More…}

How does design work?

How important is design to your business success? What is good design? Wells Riley and Jessica Hische have created a simply structured guide for non-designers that give startups (and the rest of us) an inspired, structured and wonderfully laid out explanation of the role of design in business. I like their idea that really good {…Read More…}

If you want fair, go to the county fair…


When it comes to small vs. big business the field isn’t exactly level. Big businesses have more money, more power and more resources. And when it comes to legal clout, it’s no wonder people immediately refer to lawsuits between big and small business as David & Goliath cases. Sometimes David even wins. But if he {…Read More…}