Creative Stage Bochum

From a Facebook post...

Last night I took my turn in the limelight at the Creative Stage Bochum, a networking event where 10 creative projects are presented on stage within eight minutes using any format you like. The venue was the Riff , a disco across the street from the Bermuda Triangle in Bochum – fashionably dark, room awash {…Read More…}

Is it time to recharge your brand?


  Life could be so easy for agencies and their clients if they would take even one day to sit together and do a brand workshop at the beginning of a project. I recently worked with an agency in Dusseldorf – diewildeehederwerbung (translated as thewildmarriageofadvertising) – to create an image brochure and website copy for {…Read More…}

If you want fair, go to the county fair…


When it comes to small vs. big business the field isn’t exactly level. Big businesses have more money, more power and more resources. And when it comes to legal clout, it’s no wonder people immediately refer to lawsuits between big and small business as David & Goliath cases. Sometimes David even wins. But if he {…Read More…}