Customer delight Robinsons Club style.

Robinsons Beach from the Beach Bar

I know this is not a travel blog, but I can’t help but flaunt a few sunkissed photos from my recent holiday in Turkey, with an advertorial twist of course. After all, one is never truly “off work”. During the last months I have had projects ranging from CEO speeches to advertorials, video texts, websites, {…Read More…}

Creative Stage Bochum

From a Facebook post...

Last night I took my turn in the limelight at the Creative Stage Bochum, a networking event where 10 creative projects are presented on stage within eight minutes using any format you like. The venue was the Riff , a disco across the street from the Bermuda Triangle in Bochum – fashionably dark, room awash {…Read More…}

Is it time to recharge your brand?


  Life could be so easy for agencies and their clients if they would take even one day to sit together and do a brand workshop at the beginning of a project. I recently worked with an agency in Dusseldorf – diewildeehederwerbung (translated as thewildmarriageofadvertising) – to create an image brochure and website copy for {…Read More…}