About me

I have been a writer, journalist, copywriter and creative director for more than 20 years. In September 2009 I started my freelance business as a strategic communications and branding consultant who also writes exceptional advertising and PR copy. I work with leading European and international clients and advertising agencies in a variety of industries to help them differentiate themselves from the competition in print, at trade fairs and events, online and internally. I also offer professional facilitation for strategic planning meetings, creative idea brainstorming and brand development.

My creative solutions leverage the unique strengths of a company, product or person as well as exploring meaningful synergies between people, products and environments. As you will see from my portfolio I am comfortable in a variety of mediums. Most people think I am easy to work with, I’m a fast worker and I’m good at translating strategic thinking into powerful copy, branding ideas, and visuals. My ideal client is one who places a high value on transparency, integrity and collaborative teamwork.

Language is a powerful medium and words can change the world.